World Teachers Day 2016

Today, 5th October 2016, is World Teachers Day 2016!

The team at EYPS Teaching Supply would like to say thank you to all of our Supply Teachers and all Teachers across the world who do a great job every day!

Teachers have what is most certainly one of the most difficult professions of any available. On any given day, a teacher is expected not only to educate at least twenty – more often 25-30, and even more in developing countries – children in one classroom, but also do it with limited resources.

Teachers often face the challenge of educating average, gifted, and special needs students in the same classroom using versions of pre-approved methods. Some of their students may not speak the language most common to their country. Others may come from fractured or abusive homes. The increase in high-stakes testing around the world also means teachers face even more pressure than is already inherent in their jobs, to get the children in their care through classes and on to the next course or grade.

In order to raise awareness of these and other issues, and to show appreciation to teachers, we have World Teachers Day. This day was first created by the United Nations Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Foundation (UNESCO) in 1966 and remains a holiday today, celebrated every year on October 5th (although we don’t actually get a day’s holiday for it!)