Make a great impression

It’s a well-known fact the first impressions count. There is no exception when it comes to supply teaching.

When you are booked for a one-off supply day the best way to guarantee you get asked back for more work is to make a lasting first impression.

EYPS Teaching Supply offers five simple but effective supply teaching tips to ensure a repeat booking. Just remember ‘The 5 P’s’…


If you arrive for your assignment late then you’re immediately setting yourself off on the wrong foot. And that’s before you event start! Always try to arrive at least 15 minutes before your shift start time. We know it’s not possible all of the time, particularly if it’s a last minute booking, but you should aim to if you can. We do know sometimes running late can’t be helped. So if the occasion does ever arise you should always call the teaching supply agency and / or the school to pre-warn them that you are slightly delayed.


We’ve had feedback from some schools and nurseries that supply staff have turned up wearing inappropriate clothing. The type of unsuitable dress has included low cut tops, open toe shoes, too much jewellery, short skirts, long nail extensions, the list goes on and on…! Use your common sense and wear practical, comfortable clothing that is suitable for working with children and young people.


A professional attitude and approach is essential if you want a school to request you for a repeat booking. Be reliable, friendly and conscientious. Always remember to take your DBS and identification and present it on arrival to the school or nursery, ideally before being prompted for it.


One of the main reasons a school asks EYPS not to send a supply teacher or childcare worker back to them again is because they have had a negative attitude. Some examples of criticisms from schools have included workers standing with their arms folded, not interacting with staff, not responding to children’s needs, constantly looking at the time and asking to leave early! Be positive, approachable and offer to help out at any possible opportunity. It will go down well and shows your team spirit.


Demonstrate that you’re proactive on your supply assignments by asking about any policies you need to be aware of such as Marking, Behaviour Management, Safeguarding and Health & Safety. Use your initiative and be confident to fulfil tasks with minimal supervision. At the end of your working day remember to thank the School Business Manager, Headteacher or Nursery Manager. Let them know how you have enjoyed your day and that you are keen for work and would love to come back.

If you would like further advice about working on a supply basis please contact us.